Above the Clouds

Clear the clouds for a better life

Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and therapy techniques can and will help you make the changes you want to make to your life.


for all things...

Hypnotherapy is simply a process that allows you to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, to make positive and lasting changes in your life and get YOU to where YOU want to be.

It isn't what you see on the stage or TV, people clucking like chickens or recreating their own birth - as much as that entertains us it's not how I use these amazing tools.  It is simply discussion based belief shifting, allowing you to understand any long standing in-built beliefs (your RULES for life) you have set up since childhood) and changing the ones that no longer work for you, that no longer serve you as an adult.  And this is done both in conversation, but also by getting you into a nice relaxed state, using nothing more than words in a more positive and affirming way.

  • Maybe you're looking for a more natural way to lift your feelings of depression or anxiety? 

  • Maybe you have an event that keeps coming back to your mind and causing you upset? 

  • Maybe you feel drained, low energy, lacking motivation? 

  • Maybe you feel things are building up, you're stuck? 

  • Maybe you're struggling with phobia's or forming better habits and letting go of old ones?

  • Or maybe you have a goal that you want to meet and you just need a cheerleader by your side, keeping you going and focussed?

a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

From creating more space in your mind to think smarter, to stopping the ruminating, freeing you up to MOVE FORWARD on the things that will really make you HAPPY, and allowing you space to understand yourself better - we can help.  Your Hypnotherapy sessions will be completely bespoke to you, using Hypnosis, NLP, CBT and smart coaching tools to make sure we free you of the things holding you back, so you can soar! 


So if you want to feel happier, stop anxiety, lift your mood, feel less stressed, build confidence, find more energy, get better organised, thrive in your career, study smarter, get rid of your phobias and fears, deal with unresolved PTSD, lose weight, stop smoking or generally just have a lighter, brighter life - then book in with us for you free consultation to see if we are the right therapists for you.  It is likely that you will feel a few of the things above, and others that are not listed in here - and that's ok - because the session is yours, to work on whatever we need to so you can feel happy and calm again.