6 weeks to stress free!


This TRANSFORMATIONAL course will take you from stressed out to stress-less, using our NLP, Hypnotherapy, coaching and CBT tools to bring you back to a place of balance and peace now, and in the future, no matter what the world throws your way.  We'll also leave you feeling energized and excited for what lays ahead. But don't take our word for it, here's some words from our past groups...

"I can't believe it's week 5 already - I don't want this to end, I love coming here every week and this course has just totally blown my mind" (Client 5 weeks in)

"I notice so much more how others are triggered, it's helped me with my family and work life - I'm no longer pushed into stress, panic or fear by others" (Client 4 weeks in)

"I understand myself so much better now, I can't believe its taken me so long to do something like this - I wish I had done it sooner" (Client 3 weeks in)

"This is the first week I can remember in such a LONG time, that I haven't felt overwhelmed or stressed - this course is going to be amazing" (Client after week 1)

What will I get from this course?

6 x evening classes - Online or In-person & our amazing interactive course book, all helping you to:

Identify your stressors

Silence that ruminating mind and imposter syndrome

Understand your anxieties

Conquer old beliefs and behavioural patterns

Set intentions for YOUR life

Build your resilience, strength and confidence

Align boundaries - with yourself and others

Show you how to protect your bubble

Get your energy flowing

Set your future up right

Motivate you and set you on a path to get your goals

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We can't WAIT to work with you!

Heather x

Parenthood UNPLUGGED

Parent life in this modern world can be crazy and hectic, particularly in absence of the village our parents and grandparents had. Huge guilt, career issues, the dreaded return to work...it can feel like a complete minefield and we are so very hard on ourselves. 

But what if I said it didn't have to be this way?  That you could do something, with the friendship and support of our wonderful group, to help you move through the transitions of parenthood easier?  To have you living your best life...  Where you feel fantastic, confident and happy in your choices, and have skills and tools to help you soar through any challenges that come up? 

Our Clinical Hypnotherapists specialise in working with people, and parents in particular, to help them find the peace and balance in life. Finding and developing tools and techniques to keep control, to remain healthy, to find space and motivation and to understand your needs and how they can be met WITHOUT THE GUILT, whilst still flourishing and thriving with your family.

Our Parenthood Unplugged programme is delivered in face to face group sessions, online group communities and personal one to one sessions to make this as widely available as possible.  This unique process is for you if you can answer yes to ANY of the questions below:

*Do you feel tired, stressed or anxious?

*Do you find it hard to set, and stick to, boundaries for you and your family?

*Do you value everyone else’s feelings above your own?

*Do you keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Even when you’re exhausted?

*Do you feel a little lost in who you are, as a mum? As a person?

*Do you feel burnout?

*Or do you simply want to join a kick ass group, where you will be guided through relaxation and learn amazing take home CBT, NLP and hypnosis techniques to make your life more balanced?

Book into our next block now to make your first steps to change.
A balanced, stress-free, happier you is READY!

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We can't WAIT to work with you!

Heather x