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THRIVE coaching

Our TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching programme's are completely designed to take you from feeling a little lost, in life or business - to being completely in charge of your desires. 

Do you feel you lack direction, are overwhelmed, or are held back and would like to make big or small changes?


Maybe you need help focussing on your plan so that you can THRIVE in life, and Business? 

Maybe you have specific goals you need a little help meeting, or maybe you're goal-less and need to understand why?

Or maybe you are just READY to invest in yourself, knowing that growth is a necessity to thrive in this modern hectic world?


If so, this is the right programme for you...


The THRIVE programme runs over 3 or 6 months, using our NLP, Hypnotherapy, coaching and CBT tools to bring you back to a place of balance and setting you on the right track to reach your goals, leaving you feeling energized and excited for what YOU decide lays ahead.


What's involved?

 6 or 9 x zoom/in-person therapy-coaching sessions, where we will work on:


Exploring your beliefs and behavioural patterns and how they align with your goals.


Silence your ruminating mind and imposter syndrome, and look at your compassion towards yourself 

Build your resilience, strength and confidence in yourself and your family/team

Review your boundaries, implementing what you need and getting your energy flowing to the right places


Set your future up right, establishing measurable goals for your life and business, building up your motivation and pushing you forward on a path to get those goals


Sounds amazing, right?

It really is!  Each 1-2-1 Hypnotherapy/Coaching session with us is £95, and with this course you're getting 6 or 9 of those, plus support in between.  Spaces are limited so get in touch to see if I'm the right person to get you to push ahead and grab the world you want... 

I cannot WAIT to work with you!

Heather x