A person centred, clinical and holistic approach to emotional and mental wellbeing

The Journey Towards A Better Life Begins on the Path of Self Discovery, Self Appreciation and Self Understanding.

Are you looking for a calmer, happier, more motivated outlook....to stop ruminating and just let go of anxieties and stresses?


Start taking steps towards a brighter future with Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and therapy sessions and groups in Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire and Central Scotland, to help you increase your energy and motivation, happiness and productivity, and overcome Depression, Trauma, Anxiety, Stress, Post Natal Depression, Low Mood, Low Confidence, Phobia's, Weight Loss issues, Stop Smoking and more.

Our experienced Clinical Hypnotherapists are based at our centre in Kirkintilloch, easily accessed from the M80 and just a 15 minute drive from Glasgow.


So, if you want to let go of negative emotions and feelings, resolve any PTSD or trauma, Depression, Post Natal Depression (PDN), stress, anxiety or phobias, and feel better, lighter, less tired, more motivated, stronger, clearer and more confident...Get in touch to book your free consultation today.


Come SOAR with us

I've worked with many life altering situations, from broken relationships, to the tragic loss of loved ones, crisis of confidence, divorce, depression, anxiety, stress, and the struggle to find balance in family life with toddlers and work.  Post Natal Depression (PND), fertility processes, fear of failure, fear of childbirth, complete parenthood meltdown... Life throw's us some curve balls at times, absolutely.  But it's all in how we handle those curve balls, that dictates our future lives. 


Clinical Hypnotherapist & Transformation


Meet Heather Dickson


And the simple truth is this - with some transformations to our internal belief systems and our mindset, done through the use of Hypnosis therapy and NLP techniques in private therapy or group therapy sessions, you WILL handle things better.  You CAN switch off that horrible negative voice in your head.  You WILL make positive changes and get to that place you so desperately want to be.  You WILL be happier, brighter, lighter versions of your current self.

Change CAN be easy! YOU can do it. 


And I can help you.

What can I help you with?




& Trauma

“For a long time I suffered from Anxiety, made worse by becoming a mum to two gorgeous children in quick sensation.  Heather helped me calm that anxiety and I now have lots of tools and tricks I use if I feel anything rising.”

- Natalie

“I finally know why I haven't progressed!  And now that I have made the shift with Heather, I am so excited that things are finally making sense!  I'm happier for sure and so excited for what our next sessions will bring!”

- Amanda

How has our person centred, clinical and holistic approach to emotional and mental wellbeing helped others...

- Samantha

“Heather quickly and easily saw the root of my beliefs, and helped me make the changes I needed.  I've never felt more free and happy than I do now!”

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